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Brown Bear Woman Foundation Inc.

Coming Back Home

Our organization's goal is to acquire all of our ancestors artifacts and educate others with a museum dedicated to Chief Poundmaker. 


Get to Know Brown Bear Woman

Tanisi, "Hello"

My name is Pauline Poundmaker, Brown Bear Woman. I am a great, great, granddaughter of Chief Poundmaker. I am honored to be representing the Poundmaker Family from the Poundmaker Cree Nation in bringing his sacred artifacts back to his homeland, Treaty 6 Territory. This website is created to share our journey and educate people as to why we must honor our ancestors and preserve our history.

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History of Chief Poundmaker

                         Chief Poundmaker 




He was one of the greatest nēhiyaw (Plains Cree) leaders of the 19th Century. Chief Poundmaker is remembered as a great leader who strove to protect the interests of his people during the negotiation of Treaty 6. He is most notable as a "peacemaker". Although he did not take up arms during the North-West Resistance he was convicted for treason-felony in a trial that has since been widely-criticized. In 1967, Pitikwahanapiwiyin (Chief Poundmaker’s) remains were brought home from his original resting place on Siksika territory. He was reinterred at Poundmaker Reserve. In 2019, the Government of Canada exonerated Chief Poundmaker and apologized for the trial. Chief Poundmaker's legacy as a humble and honest man who was a "peacemaker" lives on.

Meet Our Team.

We come together with a common passion and love for the Indigenous Culture and Spirituality. We honor and understand the traditions and customs of our people. We respect the role of Truth and Reconciliation in our journey. We invite you all to share this experience with us. 

What We Are Doing

The Focus of Our Efforts

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Building Relationships

Reaching Out to Museums, Partners, and Sponsors


Sharing First Nations Culture, Traditions, and History 

Chief Poundmaker Museum, North Battleford, Saskatchewan

Our End Goal is Making This a Reality


Working on Official Fundraising Website

Link to Donate Will Be Here

Get in Touch

P.O. Box 332, Battleford, SK, S0M 0E0



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