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Our Mission

Our organization was born out of a commitment to stop passing over the real issues of society, and deal with them head on. Brown Bear Woman Foundation Inc. is here to collect Chief Poundmaker's belongings and educate others about his legacy through a museum dedicated to him. We believe that "truth and reconciliation" is possible when we put our hearts and minds to it.

"We all know the story about the man who sat by the trail too long, and then it grew over, and he could never find his way again. We can never forget what has happened, but we cannot go back. Nor can we just sit beside the trail."

-Chief Poundmaker





Our Story

I was born in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. My first language was Cree. I attended the provincial school system from Kindergarten to Grade twelve. I have a Bachelor of Education degree (Elementary). I also obtained a Post-Degree Certificate in Special Education. I have always been very passionate about working in Special Education. I am also very passionate about my heritage.I grew up watching the pride and honor my mother (Alma Poundmaker) felt when she represented the Poundmaker Family when Chief Poundmaker  was being honored. She always did this with humility.  Today, it is my greatest honor to represent the Poundmaker Family in our quest to bring home all his sacred artifacts and objects. I believe my mother continues to share this journey with all of us. Hiy Hiy!  

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