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Donations, Sponsorships, and In-Kind

Who We Are


Projected Expenditures

How Funding Will Help Us

Expenses for Cultural Protocols for Elder Involvement & for Ceremonies 

Tobacco, Honorariums, & Gifts 

Expenses for Museum Visits

Travel, Memorabilia & Gifts 

Cultural Consultant & Advisor Fees

Accountant Fees

Legal Fees

Administrative Costs including Website


Strategic Planning Sessions/Meetings

Construction of Museum

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Reaching All Generations Both In Formal and Informal Settings


Oral History & Stories

Traditional Teachings 

Cultural Protocols


Museum Classroom

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Image by Maher El Aridi
Image by Andrew James

Preserving Indigenous Culture & History

Strategic Plan

Elder Consultation

Diversity Training

Gathering and Collecting Indigenous Artifacts

Museum Development

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How To Donate

Link To GoFundMe

Thank you for your kind and generous support!


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